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Guatemala SANA Children’s Project was founded in 2009 to help support the work of Dr. Rafael Espada, a heart surgeon in Houston, Texas, who returned to Guatemala in 2008 to serve as Vice President of his country. 


We work full-time in Santa Maria de Jesus, a Mayan town located in the mountains on the side of the Agua Volcano.  Guatemala is only a 2-1/2 hour flight from Houston but Santa Maria exists in conditions similar to the 1800s in the United States.



SANA operates the only reliable healthcare clinic in Santa Maria.  We provide medical and dental care and treat approximately 6,000 patients each year.  While the Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges, we implemented all standard pandemic protocols used in the United States to keep our patients and staff safe.


SANA provides a preschool to teach the four and five year-old children how to speak and read Spanish (in addition to their Mayan language, Kaquichkel) so they may enter school.  We also help in the community with special programs as funds allow us to do so.

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Our Board of Directors

Becky Lanier; Co-founder and Chairman

Dr. Rafael Espada, Co-founder and Vice Chairman

Grace Thee, Secretary-Treasurer

Rose Baglia, Executive Director

Donna Bolt, Member

Brady Edwards, Member

Nicole Kuppersmith, Member

Richard Meadow, Member

We are grateful to have these diverse individuals volunteering their time to serve on our Board.


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