Healthcare Clinic

We are renovating to make space for two more exam rooms that will be used for our Women’s Health Program.  The program will be expanded to include pap tests and breast ultrasound exams, and we will hire an ob-gyn physician and nurse to lead this program

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Preschool Education

We will offer classes for four and five year-old children starting in February.  These children do not have access to computers or internet so it was critical that we be allowed to get them back for in-person classes.  The children will receive a meal and multi-vitamins every day.  Personal tutoring will be provided to those needing additional assistance.  We have placed all desks 4’ apart and placed laminate surrounds on all desks to protect the children during the pandemic.  The resources in our children’s library will be used with our preschool classes until we are allowed to reopen the library.

Educational Scholarships

2022 is the year that our first class of preschoolers are eligible to start 7th grade.  Since the government only mandates six years of education, the children must pay for the remainder of their education.  We had 25 children in our first class; 4 have dropped out of school or moved away; 6 are being held back another year because they were unable to study at home during the pandemic.  Of the remaining 15 children, 7 are already enrolled in the 7th grade since their parents have the financial resources.  Two other children received scholarships from a local NGO; that leaves 6 children that would be dropping out of school because they could not afford to pay the tuition.  SANA is providing the funding for their tuition, books, and uniforms.  The children must maintain good grades and attend school; the parents have signed an agreement to monitor this and keep us informed.  We will provide tutoring as needed.  The average cost is:  $300 per child, per year.