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Healthcare Clinic

​We operate a full-service medical and dental clinic offering care for adults and children.  Care is provided for approximately 5,000 patients each year.

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Children's Library

​Our library is open 5 days a week and has over 3,000 books plus an extensive audiobook library.  The library was recently dedicated in the memory of Karen Soh, a donor who helped start our program and recently lost her battle with cancer.

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Preschool Education

​Many of the adults cannot read or write and speak their native dialect, Kaquichkel.  Their children must know Spanish in order to enroll in school.  Our preschool teaches Spanish and other topics to children between the ages of 4 and 6 years.  We also provide a daily meal to help combat the chronic malnutrition.

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Food Bags for the Community

​The coronavirus pandemic made the malnutrition situation even worse in 2020.  We are providing supplemental food bags through our clinic throughout 2021 to help those most in need.