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2023 is a very important year for education.  In February, we will open our education annex.  This three-story building allows us to move our preschool from the clinic and provide education for up to 180 children each year.  

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We also will move our library to the second floor of this building, enlarge it and provide tutoring for all children in Santa Maria.

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Once a child completes 6th grade, the options are limited.  The government only requires 6 years of education so most children start working with their families in the market or out in the fields.


To address this issue, we provided scholarships to 6 children to start 8th grade and 26 others to start 7th grade in 2023.   These students’ families did not have the funds for these children to continue their education.  All had good grades and wanted to learn.  The cost is approximately $400 per year per child.

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2023, we are remodeling the government-run junior high school (grades 7 through 9).  Most of our scholarship children will attend this school.

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