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Healthcare Clinic

During the past decade we have provided more than 51,000 patient care visits.  We are known to the town as “el hospitalito” (little hospital) and the citizens know that we are the only consistent source of medical care.  Our services include:

  • General medical and dental care for adults and children

  • Pregnancy program providing ultrasound exams, prenatal

      vitamins and regular evaluations

  • Small procedures (suture wounds, set broken bones)

We had to halt our dental services in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but should be able to start providing this service again the first quarter of 2022.

Community Assistance

​SANA also has helped by providing:

  • 3,000 supplemental food bags to malnourished families

  • 8,000 pairs of shoes

  • Clothing and blankets

  • 356 healthy stoves

  • 38 solar lamp kits

Project kids with stethoscope.jpg

Preschool Education

School is only mandatory in Guatemala through the 6th grade and the rule isn’t enforced so many Indigenous children do not go to school.  The World Health Organization reports that on average only 4 of 10 Indigenous children will attend elementary school.  The SANA preschool opened in 2013 to give these children a head start on their education and instill a love for learning.  Through 2021, we have provided education for 631 children (329 girls, 302 boys). More than 85% of our preschoolers are enrolled in the elementary school; we are very proud of this!  Unfortunately, the elementary school has not been maintained by the government.  The damage was caused by neglect, earthquakes and tropical storms.  In 2021, SANA renovated the entire elementary school.  Now more than 1,000 children will be able to attend starting in 2022. 

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