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Our Goal

Provide high quality health care and education for children in the underdeveloped rural areas of Guatemala.

How we help

  • Provide healthcare and dental services for 30,000 Mayan people living in Santa Maria de Jesus.

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  • Provide preschool education for 80 children between the ages of 4 and 6 so they are prepared to enter school.

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Coronavirus Pandemic 2020/2021


2020 was very challenging.  Our healthcare clinic was closed from mid-March until mid-June and the dental unit was closed all year.  Our preschool classes were handled remotely which presented unique challenges because the children do not have electricity, internet, or a computer.  Adding to this, many of the parents cannot read or write.


Guatemala is not expecting to receive vaccine for its first responders and hospitals until at least May of 2021, and the rest of the people will probably not have access until late 4th quarter.  We will not reopen our dental unit in 2021 and our preschool classes will continue to be held remotely (mid-January through mid-October).


Malnutrition has been even more serious with the pandemic.  We are raising funds to distribute supplemental food bags to our clinic patients in need.  We will continue to practice social distancing, wearing masks and gowns at our clinic, and do our best to help the people of Santa Maria de Jesus.

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  • Provide assistance in the community with special projects.

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